Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What you need to know before buying a furnace?

Energy efficiency = Cost Savings

The efficiency of a furnace can be determined by its AFUE--or Annual Fuel 
Utilization Efficiency. 

The minimum efficiency level for furnaces currently available is 80% AFUE. A rating of "80% AFUE" means that for every dollar you spend heating your home; 80 cents are actually applied to the generation of warmth. 

Compared to many of the 60% AFUE furnaces in older homes, 80% AFUE furnaces are a significant improvement. However, for enhanced energy efficiency, you may wish to consider a 95+% AFUE furnace.

Choosing the right furnace: 

When it comes to buying a new furnace, there are many options. An Energy Management Consultant from Evam Canada Inc. can help take the confusion out of choosing the one that's right for your home.
At Evam Canada Inc., we offer brand names you know. And our ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment will help you save energy - and money.

Importance of Professional Installation:

Evam Canada Inc. has a team of highly-trained, licensed technicians who will ensure that your furnace is fully operational before they leave your home.

A properly installed furnace helps to Ensure:
  • Comfort levels are met.
  • Equipment runs to manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Reduction on future service costs.
  • The life of the unit is extended.
  • Very Low to NO noise when Furnace is running.
Don’t take a chance when it comes to your safety. Our technicians are highly-qualified professionals who receive some of the most up-to-date training in the industry. They will ensure your furnace is running safely and efficiently.

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