Saturday, October 27, 2012

Canada's Winter 2013 Sneak Peak Forecast


A few selected winter forecast highlights:

1. In general, December looks fairly mild across the country relative to normal, then more typical winter conditions for January and February.
2. The winter looks stormier, but warmer than normal for most of Atlantic Canada.
3. A drier winter for most of BC.
4. The winter as a whole should be much colder compared to last winter (record warmth) across the Prairies, but still averaging near to slightly colder than normal overall. Latest computer model trends over the past month have been going in the colder direction across this region.
5. Ski season off to good start in the west. In the East, the season might start out a little slow but should recover nicely in January and February. I promised my daughter I would take her skiing more often this winter, so there is a lot riding on this!
6. Pretty confident in going with above-normal temperatures and snowfall for far northern Canada once again.

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