Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Are you feeling the heat or getting cold feet when it comes to purchasing a furnace or air conditioner for your home?  We’ve compiled a checklist of items to consider when making this important purchase:
1. Do you need a new A/C? The answer may be “yes” if your current unit needs frequent repair, your energy bill is increasing, parts of your home are too hot/cold and/or indoor air quality feels poor.
2. Do initial research. The Internet allows you to brush up on your knowledge to make an informed decision. What types of units are there? How do you determine efficiency (AFUE/ SEER)? Which brands are reputable? What rebates/offers are available? 
3. List your key wants/needs – Efficiency, power, cost, features, noise level, installation location, unit size, warranty?
4. Talk to friends and neighbours. What Dealer do they recommend? What problems did they encounter with a purchase or installation? How satisfied are they with their system? etc.
5. Get at least three Dealer estimates. Each Dealer will likely have recommendations on a type/brand. Ask why they are recommending it and what difference you can expect in its operation, cost and warranty compared to others. Some Dealers offer discounts if a furnace and a/c are purchased together. Make sure you also ask about applicable energy-efficiency rebates and whether the Dealer will apply for them or whether you will have to manage the paperwork. If you will be managing paperwork, you’ll need to know the exact date by which it needs to be filed.
6. Evaluate your options. Check your key needs/wants against each recommended unit. Follow up with the Dealers on questions or concerns. 
7. Make your choice! Confirm that the Dealer has the appropriate insurance and trade licences/certifications to install the unit. A contract should be provided by the Dealer that details the exact work to be completed, installation date, final cost (including any payment or financing arrangements) and warranties. 

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